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Ante post betting with a run through redlands

He was just shy of 60 at the time. But Robertson, ever the optimist, bounced back, and soon he was working alongside his wife at the Port of Los Angeles assisting cruise ship passengers. It was a seasonal position that allowed him to take advantage of his retirement and of one of his favorite pastimes: being around people. In the weeks since his death, his family has received an outpouring of support from the community.

A century before, her own father had died of flu during the Spanish influenza pandemic. There, Palos became a meaningful advocate for her small Mexican community. Palos followed her love of cooking as a Claremont Unified School District cafeteria manager for over 40 years. She volunteered at the Economy Shop, a local thrift store run by volunteers, for three years, at Claremont Meals on Wheels, delivering food for those in need, for four years, and another 14 years at the Joslyn Senior Center.

Palos was living at the Santa Teresita Manor assisted living facility in Duarte when she began losing her appetite in late April, Dearborn said. She died at Garfield Hospital. Palos is survived by her three children, Robert, Roger and Corinne, five grandchildren, twelve great grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren. He served in the Air Force for four years and graduated from Sacramento State before embarking on a year career in the Sacramento Police Department and spending four years as Sacramento County sheriff.

Waters delivered three babies. He started a construction business. He was on the Sacramento City Council for 16 years and was the only Republican for his entire tenure. He ran for mayor of Sacramento in , falling short of runoff by only 2, votes. He wrote two books and had a library named after him as recognition for his community service. He won awards for his selfless actions. He was a local luminary.

To achieve that, he was able to help so many other people through his drive and desire to make Sacramento a better place. He and his wife, Judie, had just celebrated their 60th anniversary. His health declined rapidly later in life. Waters fractured his hip on June 30, underwent successful surgery and was transferred to an assisted nursing facility for rehab. Earl said her father left the hospital having tested negative for COVID, but tested positive when he returned to the hospital five days later to treat a hematoma in his hip.

He died seven days later. He never quit. He never took no for an answer. Waters is survived by his wife, daughter, sons Darren and Dan, two granddaughters, a sister and a brother. Known as Willy, he phoned family members and friends each week, sometimes more frequently, to pass along news and stay connected.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Sacramento, William Minnis, 70, struggled with mental illness since his late teens. He befriended small-business owners and greeted people who patronized their shops. That fit with his friendly, outgoing nature and fondness for talking. For someone who was mentally ill, that was unusual. William Minnis spent the last several years at the Morton Bakar Center, a skilled nursing facility in Hayward.

He stayed up late, surfing the Internet on his iPad learning more about astronauts and space travel and the cosmos. He adored music, too, especially classic rock from the s. Because of restrictions on visitors, hospital staff arranged an iPad on a table next to his bed so he could FaceTime family members as long and as often as he wanted. William Minnis is survived by his wife of more than 40 years, Carla Marion Minnis; his daughter Margaret Mae Moodian, a grandson and his sister.

He was preceded in death by his parents and a brother. Rafael Cartagena loved newspapers so much that he kept hundreds of them stuffed in his locker at work. He would sit at his kitchen table or in the backyard at his home in the San Fernando Valley, clipping out articles that he wanted to keep, sometimes telling family, this is something that will go down in history, this is something to remember.

For more than 25 years, his job was to keep the printing presses running, and he was the best at it. In went an pound roll of blank paper, carefully guided into place by Cartagena; out came more copies of the Daily Pilot or the New York Post, or the comics sections for the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, ready to be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers across Southern California. Cartagena was born Oct. Fleeing the civil war there, he immigrated with his partner, Coralia De Paz, and their daughter to the United States in He soon found the job printing newspapers in Los Angeles County.

Cartagena was not just a skilled producer of newspapers but an avid reader and collector of them, particularly La Opinion and the New York Post. He particularly enjoyed articles about his favorite soccer clubs, Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team. He would have his daughter help translate a word in Los Angeles Times stories to make sure he understood them properly. He had a passion. Cartagena also enjoyed dancing to cumbia and playing poker, as well as helping out family and friends when they were in need, including in his hometown in El Salvador.

He was filled with pride when Coralia graduated from Cal State Northridge, as well as when she had a daughter. His son had already given him four grandchildren. He got his wish; Coralia had a girl. Rafael Cartagena is survived by his partner of many years, Coralia De Paz; one brother; a daughter, a son; and five grandchildren. Barbara Johnson Hopper was known for giving friends and family plum jam made with fruit picked from her yard. Her garden — full of lemons, vegetables, and flowers — offered her a refuge when she was worried and needed to pray to God, said her daughter, Adriane Hopper Williams.

Hopper was born in Milwaukee and studied social work at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In she met her husband, Dr. Cornelius Hopper, while he was completing his residency at Milwaukee County Hospital. Barbara and Cornelius wed in In the family moved to the Bay Area and settled in Oakland, where she continued to work as a real estate agent while also founding and participating in community groups, and serving on scholarship boards for medical students.

At Church by the Side of the Road, which she attended with her family, she led a yearlong reading of the Bible that ended with a trip to Jerusalem. She is survived by her husband of 55 years, Cornelius, her two sons Michael and Brian, her daughter, Adriane, and two grandchildren. Jennifer Gibbs, 67, said she met Hopper through a mutual friend 13 years ago.

Whenever Gibbs was sick, Hopper would bring her chicken soup. One of the bridge groups Hopper organized had a Zoom meeting to share how they felt about her after they learned of her death, Gibbs said. Pedro Zuniga and his wife Norma always threw a party for their oldest son when he visited home in Turlock. His family was his No. He worked at the Safeway distribution center in Tracy, where at least 51 workers have tested positive for the virus.

Valencia said he was 2 when Zuniga met his mother, Norma. Zuniga was the only father he ever knew, he said. Valencia described his father as a stern parent but a lenient grandfather. He gave them gifts and treated them to dinners, as well as trips to go skiing, to Disneyland and to national parks.

Zuniga and his wife also took in foster kids, until it became too difficult to separate from them. Sanchez said he remembered little moments from that time, like going out with Zuniga to get Mexican bread as a snack every night. He was the person I would turn to for advice. Zuniga loved to cook — friends and family always wanted him to make tacos for them — and was a huge soccer fan who rooted for the Chivas of Guadalajara.

By June , more than people at Avenal State Prison were infected with the deadly virus. It was, he told her, where many people were getting sick. Canez was born in Bakersfield in , the youngest of 11 children. His father died when he was just an infant, and for many years, his family lived below the poverty line. Canez was full of charm and charisma; a bright and curious child who would grow into a smooth-talking Cassanova with confidence and style.

But life in his Lamont neighborhood outside Bakersfield was full of temptation. While working as a janitor, Canez got involved with the local drug scene and began using heroin. It was an addiction that would plague him for much of his life, even as he fell in love, got married and became a father.

In , Canez made a decision that would change his life and the lives of others. High on drugs, he got behind the wheel of a car and got into an accident that killed two people: Ruben Pinon, a passenger in his car, and Virginia Adams, a passenger in another. Canez was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to back-to-back year sentences.

It took Canez a long time to process what had happened. While in prison, Canez reconnected with Angie Jimenez, a childhood flame who visited him regularly, and they married in He checked in with his children weekly, and in the year before his death, he made it a point to reconnect with many of his siblings. Last year, Canez graduated from the Avenal education program. It was one of the proudest moments of his life, Sandra said.

Xavier said he thought about his father when he taught his own son to play baseball. Gary Young was a people person. He started conversations with just about everybody he came across — cashiers at the grocery stores, servers at the local breakfast joint. He had an arsenal of favorite jokes he liked to deploy in these moments. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy on March Young was in the ICU for 12 days. Because of the infectious nature of the virus, his family was unable to be at his bedside when he died.

He was a diabetic and recovered from throat cancer in Young lived with Silva in Gilroy. His wife, Melody Young, died of cancer in May They were married for 47 years. By Laura Newberry. A trucking company is not the typical environment for romance to bloom.

In college, the Sacramento native had trained to become a dental hygienist, but soon after graduating she changed direction and took a job driving trucks for the Snyder Company in Northern California. She met fellow trucker LaMar Mitchell; their wheels crossed in the early s -- the two quickly became a couple.

After several years, they both grew weary of life on the road. In recent years Mitchell had been working as an administrator for the Sacramento School district. Devoted parents, the Mitchells were generous and welcoming. Both Andrew and his mother developed green thumbs and would discuss their backyard pursuits, experimenting with various vegetables and flowers throughout the year.

When Mitchell needed a change of scenery and wanted to see more than backyard foliage, she would drive up the coast and visit some of the largest trees in the world, the redwoods. Unsurprisingly, given her previous career as a truck driver, Mitchell felt comfortable on the road and the family would set off on regular adventures.

The family would take trips up the coast to see the ancient redwood trees and take in majestic sea views. Another favorite beverage that kept Mitchell fueled during long road trips was coffee. Mitchell particularly loved an iced mocha and the mother daughter pair would grab caffeinated treats at Philz Coffee, a chain with a location in Sacramento.

After graduating from high school, Tesa moved to Utah where she still lives. Mitchell would send her daughter a photo anytime she visited Philz. Despite their physical distance, Tesa and her mother remained close and would chat on a daily basis. Mitchell would ring Tesa on her drives too -- to check in and say hello. All three showed symptoms and Mitchell developed a high fever.

By mid July she had begun to get better but on July 22 Mitchell was having trouble breathing. Living with one leg never stopped Jones from doing whatever she needed to do, Thomas said. As a child, Thomas never even noticed her grandmother wore a prosthesis. She was very resilient.

Jones worked as a nurse for nearly six years, her granddaughter said, and spent most of her adult life as a stay-at-home mother and homemaker. Jones also instilled in Thomas a love for God and the church. When Thomas was 3, she pointed up at the sky, where she saw what looked like a church with stained-glass windows and a large cross sitting on top of a cloud. When Jones looked, she said she saw it too.

From a little kid, it made me believe. Jones contracted the coronavirus at the Country Villa Belmont Heights Healthcare Center in Long Beach, where she was waiting before she could receive chemotherapy for a cancerous lump in her throat. The center has reported three positive patient cases and nine worker cases. Jones is the only known death. Jones is survived by her husband, Sam, daughter Ernie, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

As part of the work, Kam identified local Catholic families willing to house new immigrants until more permanent housing could be found. The work also included helping families with other necessities, such as registering children for school.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Kam joined the Sisters of Social Service in — an order of nuns who feel called to serve in the center of urban life, rather than pursue a life of contemplation at a cloister. Kam served in the Stanford Home for dependent high school girls in Sacramento, and in the Stanford Settlement for children, as well as in the Catholic Youth Organization.

In she and four other nuns were sent to Taiwan to help establish their social service ministry there. She returned to the U. Following graduation she went to work at Holy Family Services in Los Angeles, working primarily with adoptive parents. Kam was skilled at quilting, sewing, woodwork and Chinese brush painting, and her friends said she was adored by everyone who knew her. Toward the end of her life Kam suffered from dementia and was living in a facility in Encino for people with memory issues.

She died Nov. At the time, it was considered a historic victory, according to her daughter, Helena, because the sorority system had been unwelcoming to her as the daughter of Greek immigrants. She later moved to Philadelphia to work as a buyer for Bonwit Teller, another luxury department store. In she married Louis Apothaker, a lawyer, and had two children.

She worked as an interior designer, and started a tiles and ceramics shop called Country Floors in Philadelphia. Her husband died in , and she never remarried. She died April 19 at the age of She had been living at Silverado Beverly Place for six years, and was accustomed to regular visits with her daughter. But by mid-March, as a precaution against the virus, families and nonessential caregivers had been barred from the residence.

Little did I know. Helena said she believes her mother caught the virus because Silverado admitted a resident who was infected but was not immediately quarantined. Helena said she knew the virus would kill her mother, a longtime smoker, and had her placed on hospice care immediately. This allowed her to visit face-to-face again.

At her bedside with protective gear, she kept vigil with her brother, Jonathan. She was my mentor. She was my coach. I loved my mother to the moon and the stars and back again — and I lost all of that in one person. By Christopher Goffard. Jack Ohringer had many titles throughout his life — stock broker, property manager, retail manager — but Mr. Personality is the one that stuck. In , Ohringer and his best friend moved to Los Angeles, where he eventually met Szabadi in The two married in and, with Szabadi's children Kara Lyne and Zack, became a family.

It was Ohringer's second marriage. Ohringer had an infectious personality. He liked to dance and was said to have appeared on "American Bandstand. In their younger days, he and friends came up with a series of dances they'd perform at "every single bar or bat mitzvah" they attended, his wife said. He loved any kind of silliness like that. And dance was like a really easy way for him to access that. So when he would ask her what kind of present she wanted, she would say "a pony — knowing that he couldn't deliver or shouldn't deliver, at least.

It continuously frustrated him. A couple years later, he showed up … with a stuffed animal pony, and he thought it was the funniest thing in the world. On May 7, when Ohringer started having unusual difficulty moving following his regular dialysis treatment, his wife knew something was wrong. After days of exhaustion and illness, Ohringer was rushed to an emergency room on May He received the notification that he had tested positive for the infection on May Ohringer remained hospitalized on a ventilator until he went into cardiac arrest and died on May 25, two days after his 75th birthday.

By Astrid Kayembe. When young co-workers at the FoodMaxx grocery store in San Jose where the year-old woman worked as a clerk took their breaks in the back room without anything to eat, Martinez went into action. How are you going to do that? They were hungry…. And she always wanted to make sure that everyone was OK.

Arcelia Martinez grew up and still lived in San Jose, working early in life at a cannery with her mother, and later as a maid, a fact that her daughter only later learned, realizing that was the reason for the neat perfection with which her mother kept the family home. In early March, she attended the birth of a grandchild before traveling to Disneyland in Anaheim to celebrate the birthday of another grandchild. She began to fall ill while on the trip and returned home, where her condition worsened.

She is survived by her husband, Samuel, daughters Gina, Sherri, Maryann and Samantha, and six grandchildren. Some he'd met through his kids and his involvement in their childhood extracurricular activities; some he'd met through the CPR classes he taught, through family friends or his favorite restaurants.

Karen, a nurse at Adventist Health, also tested positive but has recovered. After high school, Jeff Baumbach worked as a firefighter and a paramedic before getting his associate's degree and beginning a year career in nursing, with stints at the Intensive Care Units at Dameron Hospital and St. Joseph's Medical Center in Stockton, near his home in Lodi. Most recently, he worked as a case manager for Kaiser Permanente patients treated at St. Baumbach had a "wonderful way" with patients, said Lee Cherbonnier, his friend and colleague of over a decade.

He was able to bridge the gap between patients and physicians and explain treatment plans in a straightforward and conversational way, Cherbonnier said. We would spend hours working in a cubicle, we would bounce questions off one another and earn one another's trust. Kaila described her father as a role model who took the time to show each member of his family that he loved them.

On a family trip to Kauai after Kaila graduated from high school, she and her dad went to get tattoos together. She got a peace sign, and he got six Celtic hearts: one for him, one for Karen and one for each of their children. As his kids got older, he bonded with them in different ways.

Baumbach and Kaila did puzzles, talked about cars and watched "Gold Rush," a show about gold miners in Alaska. Jeff and Karen were high school sweethearts: He was a football player and she was "a straight-A student that didn't want to get in trouble," said Kaila.

The pair started dating the summer after he graduated from Lodi High School in and wed June 27, He planned annual getaways around the five-day stretch between his wedding anniversary and Karen's birthday. I cannot thank him enough for showing me how to live life to the fullest. I cannot thank him enough for teaching me how to love and loving me for me. When Robert Brewster and his family met Princess Grace of Monaco during a trip overseas, it was an unforgettable occasion.

His kids still look at the photograph with fondness—despite the fact that it was missing one big thing. Brewster grew up in Toluca Lake in the s. His father was an executive at Universal Studios and his mother hosted fancy dinner parties, his daughter said. He met his wife, Patricia, in and they were married a year later. The couple bought their first home in Rancho Palos Verdes in , right around the time Brewster started working as an engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company.

He could fix anything, and he built some things we needed. He loved technology magazines, puzzles, puns and wordplay. He also cared deeply about music. He had a huge record collection mostly showtunes, classical and comedy albums and he sang in the choir at Rolling Hills Methodist Church and Rolling Hills Covenant Church. Brewster is survived by his wife, Patricia; children Susan, Sharon, Karen and David; and seven grandchildren. At the heart of that success was Len Fagan. A former rock drummer turned talent buyer who spent much of his adult life living in Laurel Canyon and working on the Sunset Strip, the behind-the-scenes powerbroker died May 3 in Los Angeles from complications of COVID Fagan first broke into the music scene behind a drum kit.

In the pocket. No fancy stuff. Just a powerhouse. The drummer found his calling, though, at a occupancy spot in the heart of the L. He could have an oldies week or he could find a band that he really liked and give them an opportunity. For bands, it was both a coveted slot and a hustle. We waited our turn outside, sandwiched in between a strange lineup of bands that were trying to get signed on a major label. The stage wrangler hauled us in, and we played our minute set on borrowed gear.

It was a good set, and people were genuinely into it. But before we got a chance to bask in the glory, we were asked to leave. In recent years, Fagan had suffered from poor health. A debilitating stroke affected his ability to communicate, and he spent his final years in a nursing home. By Randall Roberts. To the outside world, Douglas Borchert was a quiet academic who loved title insurance, history and research.

But to those who knew him best, Borchert was a fearless explorer with an infinite sense of curiosity. Kilimanjaro at 65 unless they have some taste for adventure. The eldest of three brothers, Borchert was born in Ely, Nev. After graduating, he surprised everyone in his family by enlisting in the U. Army at the height of the Vietnam War. He earned the Bronze Service Medal for his valor. He went on to spend 45 years as a title attorney, eventually serving as vice president of the underwriting counsel at Fidelity National Title until his retirement in He published a number of scholarly articles on real property and title claims, and appeared in court cases as an expert witness.

But Borchert also remained a committed outdoorsman and student of history. Borchert was married twice and helped raise three kids, including his stepson and two adopted daughters. He was with his wife, Virginia Borchert, for the last 19 years, during which time he took sailplane lessons and learned to throw traditional Scottish shot put. His brother said he was probably more committed to the experiences than to any particular urge for mastery.

Over the years, Culp collected spare change — including any coins from the laundromat at the Green Acres RV Park he ran for decades with his wife, Sheryl Culp — in coffee cans he kept well hidden. When he retired at the age of 83 he gathered his dozens of cans and drove them to a bank. It took three trips to wheel the coins in with a hand truck. Ronald was born in San Fernando in and moved to Yreka with his family in In Yreka, the family bought a acre dairy farm where Ronald helped milk cows and work the ranch.

He attended Yreka High School, where he met his first wife, Maxine. The two had three children together. After high school, he worked as a stucco contractor with his father, as a concrete truck driver and at lumber yards. He eventually became the manager and part-owner of the Yreka Lumber Company. After his first marriage ended in the s, Ronald met Schroeder. They were married for 42 years, until her death in Schroeder and Ronald Culp had a strong marriage, and her death hit him hard, said Nancy.

Ronald would take his kids fishing, skiing or on trips to Mexico in their motorhome. Dolores Shoebotham was known as a loving mother, a warm hostess and a free spirit who loved to travel. The kids loved to come over and play games. She always had good desserts for us. Her final days were spent in hospice care at a facility for people with dementia, where she had lived for 17 months.

Although safety precautions were followed, McIntyre suspects her mother was exposed to a staff member who was asymptomatic but contagious. She left behind a daughter, McIntyre, son Steve Shoebotham, four grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and many happy memories. She took care of us really, really well. McIntyre described her mother as a career homemaker who loved to get out of the house and hit the road.

She was afraid of flying, so Shoebotham and the family took road trips across the country, once driving all the way to Alaska. We were a very close family. Shoebotham was the oldest of five siblings, and quit high school to work as a switchboard operator to help support her family while growing up in Nebraska. At 20, she married her high school sweetheart, Edgar, whose position in the Coast Guard took the couple to several cities.

He was stationed in North Island when he retired at 55, creating more opportunities for travel. McIntyre took her mother out for dinner March 12, but would not get to see her again for three months because of restrictions on visitors at the facility where she was living. She was taken to Scripps La Jolla, but after 10 days her condition grew worse. The dementia had taken my mother from us in many ways.

COVID took her forever. Larson, 95, who died Dec. The niece of early film and television giant Hal Roach, she tagged along with her father to the famous Culver City studio where he was a cinematographer, location scout and casting director.

In the s, she spent time on her grandparents' avocado farm in Encinitas, Calif. Another of her haunts was Catalina Island, then a favorite of the Hollywood set. There in , when just 16, she met Eric Larson, who was vacationing with college buddies. Two years later, the summer after graduating from Dorsey High School, she married Eric, beginning a year union that ended only with his death in After World War II, the couple settled on her grandparents' ranch.

Two of her great-granddaughters are now the sixth generation to live in the nearly year-old family homestead. As a Red Cross water safety instructor she taught hundreds of children and adults how to swim. Water skiing and camping were family pastimes, with favorite destinations including Lake Tahoe, the Colorado River and Estero Bay in Mexico. In retirement, Larson and her husband indulged their wanderlust.

They visited more than 60 countries, traveled by motor home to all 48 continental U. Her last residence was Las Villas de Carlsbad, where she received compassionate care for several years. She is survived by three sons, Eric, Jon and Doran, all three married to a Jennifer; six grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. Carol Murphy loved French wine and German beer.

She traveled to more than 20 countries as a civil servant and Peace Corps volunteer, but her penchant for being in the right place at the right time—Seoul in the s, East Berlin in the s and Saigon in the s, for example—led her family to joke she was really a member of the CIA.

Murphy was a firebrand from the start. Born in San Francisco in , she was the second of three sisters, with Lois above and Elinor below. She chose to remain single and dedicated her life to her work overseas, returning to California only once or twice a year to make her rounds with family. Her many nieces and nephews treasured her visits, which often came with trinkets and gifts from the places she had been.

Carol spent much of her career as an educator in the U. She helped set up the first education center for the Army Sergeants Major Academy in Fort Bliss, Texas, before eventually making her way to Belize with the Peace Corps, where she ran an education center for teachers. Ever the activist, Murphy never shied away from a protest or a political debate. Her stories ran the gamut from tea parties with Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie to meetings with Norodom Sihanouk, the prince of Cambodia, in the jungles of Angkor Wat.

They were enough to fill a book, although she hardly sat still long enough to write one. She was pretty cool. She continued traveling until her mids, at which point she had friends all over the world. At various points in his life, Fr. Bernard J. Bush was known by a handful of nicknames and designations. The 6-foot-3, strongly built Bush, the eldest of three brothers, was born in in Garberville, a small town about miles south of the Oregon border.

Perhaps the title most closely associated with Bush during his life was that of assistant chaplain, one he earned while visiting inmates for four years at Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in the San Francisco Bay.

Bernard Bush was 86 when he died on Dec. Bush offered spiritual services there from to as he accompanied Fr. James Tupy, the prison chaplain. The prison closed in At Alcatraz, he said, he earned the trust and respect of several infamous gangsters, such as Los Angeles mobster Mickey Cohen. One friendship sister-in-law Jean remembers well, however, is the one Bush struck up with Chicago bank robber Lawrence A. Trumblay was paroled in from the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kan.

At that ceremony, Trumblay gave Bush an alb, a ceremonial tunic-like vestment worn during services, that he had made in prison. Despite that trauma, Bush returned to Alcatraz frequently for reunions and said Mass with former convicts, guards and staff. He never lost his sense of adventure, learning how to fly in his mids while stationed near Half Moon Bay. Eric Oshiro was the stoic, soft-spoken type, quietly helping wherever he could, but never asking for much in return. He preferred not to draw attention.

But there was a quiet strength beneath that soft-spoken demeanor, a virtue he always hoped to pass along to his two sons, Ryan and Steven. His mother, meanwhile, had no trouble finding her voice. Betty Oshiro always loved to sing. She danced hula and played the ukulele, too, picking them up later in life as an homage to her Hawaiian culture. But on March 14, Lori and Eric were contacted by the assisted living facility in Cypress where Betty was staying. Eight days later, on March 22, Betty Oshiro, 89, died from complications of the disease.

Her grandsons said their goodbyes through the hospital door, but her son was unable, stricken now himself with symptoms of COVID It was on that final emergency room visit, as Eric and Lori spent hours waiting in the hospital, that Lori believes they both contracted the virus. Lori would eventually recover, after three weeks of symptoms. Eric, 61, never did.

He was admitted to St. Jude hospital and intubated a week later. Outside of a mild case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Eric had otherwise been healthy. He liked to play golf, and on occasion, he and his sons hit the driving range together. Mostly, he lived a quiet life in La Mirada, one in contrast to his mother, who preferred singing and dancing and wanted to travel the world.

He worked 25 years in IT at Unified Grocers, leaving only when the company merged with another. He enjoyed a glass of wine after work and NPR on the radio. Every now and again, he played the guitar. If a room of people could have a conductor, seeking to accommodate needs, lift spirits and bring all together with inclusion, Azar Ahrabi was it. The year-old woman lived in a Santa Clara apartment with her elderly mother, for whom she was the full-time caretaker. She did not drive. But she was far from isolated.

Those who lived within the radius of her daily walks were her village — much like the Tehran neighborhood in Iran where she grew up, before immigrating in the s to the United States. Those Ahrabi befriended with a cup of her special Turkish coffee, sweetened with milk and only a little sugar, were rewarded afterward when Ahrabi studied the grounds in the bottom of their cup and pronounced their fortune. Amir said she had been sick since at least Feb.

In 16 years, Jose M. Perez went on about , calls for the Los Angeles Fire Department. Even Fire Capt. Phil — was an even-keeled man who worked much of his career out of a South Los Angeles fire station only three streets over from where he was born. Perez took in his two nephews when their father was lost to gang violence and raised them. He and his wife, Heidi, went on to have three children of their own.

On July 11, the apparently healthy firefighter tested positive for the novel coronavirus. On July 16, he was hospitalized. Three days later, he was in the ICU. There's days where I still can't. I still can't believe that he passed away.

Dispatched to prison after being convicted of second-degree murder, Spector died Saturday while in custody in a Northern California hospital where he was being treated, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Before he was transferred to a hospital, Spector had been an inmate at the California Health Care Facility in Stockton, which specializes in housing medically vulnerable people with existing health conditions, the corrections department said.

I loved him madly and gave my heart and soul to him. Darkness set in. Many lives were damaged. Clarkson died of a single gunshot wound to the mouth on Feb. He was ultimately sentenced to 19 years to life in prison. Stripped of his flamboyance and tassel of dark hair, he appeared to be just another senior citizen in prison photos — a balding man with a pair of hearing aids.

But in his prime, Spector was brash, driven and as much a star as the artists he produced. In the studio, Spector awoke pop music from its earlys doldrums and crafted a sound that would influence record-making for generations, informing the music of such acts as the Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie.

Harvey Philip Spector was born Dec. During his flurry of hits, Spector honed his fabled Wall of Sound methodology. Up to half a dozen guitars strummed chords in unison. Then came two, and sometimes three or more, pianos. The instruments bled together, the texture so thick that the horn and string arrangements were almost subliminal, absorbed into the great sonic mass.

He fostered a core of studio musicians who became known as the Wrecking Crew, many of them highly respected jazz and session players. Spector reveled in his celebrity, dressing flamboyantly, flaunting his success and delighting in public confrontations. Though deeply affected by the death of his year-old son, Phil Jr. He began hosting an annual party at an old-fashioned bowling alley in suburban Montrose, and he regularly held court in his home with friends. But everything darkened again the night of Feb.

Witnesses recalled Spector downing cocktails as he moved from restaurant to restaurant. At closing time, she helped him to his car, and after some persuasion she agreed to accompany him to his home after her shift. On May, 30, , Specter received a mandatory life sentence, with eligibility for parole in He was 69 at the time.

Even while suffering from fever and body aches, Ever A. Linares kept working by phone the week before Thanksgiving to connect needy families with turkeys for the holiday. By Nov. The co-founder of Resilient, a nonprofit organization that works with at-risk and gang-involved youth, Linares was known locally for working to reduce violence. He also traveled the nation to train community workers with the Urban Peace Institute, a group that works to reduce street violence.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said. When he reached his 20s and had his first daughter, he began transitioning away from gangs and toward church. He became involved in Victory Outreach Ministries and eventually began working with different gang intervention agencies across the city.

This year, amid the pandemic and a rising homicide rate, Linares kept working to help families. His organization handed out personal protective equipment in the South Park neighborhood where the agency is based and held weekly food drives. Sometimes, his devotion to his work would wear on his wife.

One night years ago, Linares was eating dinner with his family when his phone rang. Andrea said she shot him a look, annoyed that their meal was going to be interrupted yet again. It was a person in crisis. Linares said her husband was a patient man. In addition, he would take the time to tell those he helped what it means to be presentable and what employers want to see.

Even as a youth leader in church, he connected with others who were in need, recalled longtime friend and co-founder of Resilient, Michael Guedel. Indreland was born thrill-seeker. He was a great outdoorsman, but he liked to use topography maps, not trail maps. He really liked getting off the trail, and he knew a lot about it. Jack Indreland was born in Los Angeles on July 14, After graduating from Alhambra High School, he enlisted in the Army at age He was deployed to Europe as part of an artillery battalion in October of , and that winter, he took part in the Battle of the Bulge, one of the last major battles of World War II.

Indreland returned to Southern California after the war and graduated from Occidental College with a degree in geology in He co-founded a company that worked on water and geothermal projects in the U. Unified School District. He and his second wife, Vania, were married for 30 years, and he remained active up until about three years ago, when he fell down a flight of stairs leading up to his Los Angeles apartment and broke his hip. He would challenge himself on some hikes to the edge of risk.

David said his father was in and out of hospitals because of pneumonia for much of January, February and March and spent part of that time at the Kei-Ai nursing home in Los Angeles, where his family believes he may have contracted the coronavirus.

Indreland was sent to the Alhambra Medical Center with a temperature of degrees on April He tested positive for the virus on April 20 and died two days later. To me, he was one of a kind. He was Intelligent, brilliant, the best husband a woman could have because he lived to make us happy. We loved each other dearly. By Mike DiGiovanna. Sisemore worked for several decades at Stollwood Convalescent Hospital, part of the St.

Sanchez said his sister likely contracted the coronavirus from a patient in early April. She and my younger sister took care of my father in his last days, before he died in Family members were concerned about Sisemore at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, but she insisted on continuing to work.

Sisemore was born April 6, , in McAllen, Tex. She lived in Esparto, outside Sacramento. As a young mother, Sisemore suffered a debilitating back injury in an automobile accident. She recovered after months of physical therapy and remained relatively healthy until undergoing knee-replacement surgery two years ago. Sanchez said Sisemore began experiencing headaches and body aches in early April.

She took a coronavirus test and went into self-isolation for two weeks, avoiding contact with family members while her daughters and nieces brought food to her door. Her condition worsened in mid-April. Sisemore was hospitalized for two to three weeks and placed on a ventilator. Her two daughters were allowed to don protective gear and visit before she died. A post on the St. Her exuberance, dedication, bravery and devout faith had a profound impact on our campus.

She was our hero. The kind of woman who would chase bullies through the streets of her Pasay City neighborhood in the Philippines with a wooden spoon when they made fun of her brother for being gay. The kind of woman who, upon immigrating to the United States to escape martial law in the s, became a trailblazer in the advertising industry. She and her husband Roddy had flown into L. She turned ill the next day, and died early the following morning at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.

Roddy and Loretta met in the art program at the University of Santo Tomas. Soon they were inseparable. They eventually settled in Orlando, Fla. More recently, they began working with their son as co-owners of an automotive repair business. When she started her career, Loretta was often the only woman in her department.

Since her death, her family has been flooded with messages from people who said she took a chance on them when no one else would. Loretta was preceded in death by two brothers and is survived by her husband, Rodrigo; sisters Norma Quijano and Barbara Poole; daughter Rowena Dionisio-Connelly and her husband, Christopher Connelly; son Rembert Dionisio and his wife, Cathrina; and two grandchildren. By Alex Wigglesworth. For years, Elsa Claybaugh sat in the living room of her Clovis home, carefully operating the brown Viking sewing machine her husband bought her in the early s.

And, through her 84 years, Claybaugh was the one who connected the threads of her family, said her daughter, Shirley Weaver. Having lost her hearing during childhood because of an illness, Claybaugh taught herself to read lips. Instead of allowing her lack of hearing to isolate her, Claybaugh was determined to play an important part in the lives of family and friends. She opened a sewing business from her home and later worked as a cosmetologist and a caretaker for the elderly. But her mother never passed it down via written recipe, because she never measured.

Instead, she would show others how she added oil to the pan, then flour and chili powder. Claybaugh suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease before succumbing July 31 to complications from COVID She is survived by Weaver and a son, Jim Claybaugh; eight grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband and a daughter, Rosie. Other than his family and the young people he coached, Vic Lepisto led a self-contained life, making it to 75 without an email address.

Grit and determination, honed in a life of physical action, carried him through as he fought diabetes, dementia and then COVID, dying peacefully Dec. Entering UCLA in , he played two sports. As a defensive end on the "Gutty Little Bruins" football teams led by Heisman winner Gary Beban, he competed for national championships.

He co-captained the team. He continued to play after graduation, and holds a spot in the Santa Monica Rugby Club's hall of fame. A brief courtship was interrupted by his desire to explore Europe before marriage. A month into the expedition, he called, and she answered. She joined him in Rome, where he proposed.

Upon learning that 10 witness signatures would be required at the American Embassy, they took a ferry to Athens and found an American church whose minister's prime concern seemed to be the odds of the union lasting. Twice, he "pointedly said to me, 'Did you know that one out of three marriages here ends in divorce? Sue, who has spent 43 years as a teacher, counselor and principal with the Los Angeles Unified School District, got the last laugh.

The marriage lasted 50 years. The couple settled in North Hollywood. With a daughter and two sons, they eventually made Agoura Hills home. After 14 years as a Los Angeles County probation officer, Lepisto retired to go into teaching. At El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills, he taught physical education and coached cross country and track for another 14 years. He is remembered for "his kindness, selflessness, loyalty, determination, and love for his family," said his son Garrett.

He is survived by Sue, their three children, eight grandchildren, his sister Carol, brother Dave, cousins, nieces, and nephews. On Feb. He had been debating whether to give a speech then or wait until June, when his brother and his wife would celebrate their vows in the Philippines. Alfonso decided to go ahead and toast Justin then. Nearly two months later, after Alfonso died due to complications from coronavirus, that moment would serve as a gift, a lasting image of the year-old as a loving husband, a doting father of three and an inspiration to his little brother, who was about to start his own family.

Throughout his life, Alfonso had grown to love being on stage. He was known for singing karaoke, belting out boy-band hits. His favorite group was the Backstreet Boys, and he was unashamed to admit it. So on April 7, when Alfonso lost his two-week battle with the virus, Justin put aside his personal torment and stepped up to lead the family, just as his brother had. He organized a eulogy and Zoom memorial service and streamed both live on April Alfonso had come down with a fever March 18 and went into quarantine.

He drove himself to a hospital near his Riverside home six days later and tested positive for the virus. Despite being borderline pre-diabetic and having to go on a ventilator, he was confident he would be fine. After about a week, his prognosis got better and then worsened quickly.

He died in isolation without having a chance to say goodbye. Alfonso is survived by his wife, Ashling; three children, Jason, Hayden and Adelyn; his parents, Jessie and Lydia; and his brother and sister. Not quite three years ago, Jo Ann Smith got a new liver — a transplant — and a new lease on life. Her old liver — damaged from years of unhealthy eating and diabetes, her family says — had forced her to retire after about 30 years as founding director of the Pala Youth Center in Pala, one of the loci of life for the Pala Band of Mission Indians, to which she belonged.

A pizza? Oh my God. She was hospitalized, and then put on a ventilator. She died on Sept. She was 66, and had lived on the Pala reservation her entire life. Smith was an only child, but she made up for it by solo parenting her four kids and their kids and her extended family; every year, she took them all on vacation to Disneyland, and picked up the tab. The kids who came to the Pala Youth Center were almost like family, too.

Almost every summertime Friday for decades, she took the youth center kids on some field trip — to the fair, to Legoland, to SeaWorld. By the time she retired, the kids she first knew were sending their own kids to the center.

No one remembers how she got her nickname, Goo, and no one ever called her anything else. This will buy much needed time. A big thanks in advance to everyone in greater Brisbane for their patience in coming days.

In addition to the lockdown, a mask mandate will be implemented in the areas going into lockdown. For the duration of the lockdown, people in the lockdown areas must wear a mask while going outside for the four allowed reasons. Like the lockdown in March, those in the Greater Brisbane Area will only be allowed to leave their homes for four essential reasons during the three days.

Ms Palaszczuk said you are allowed to leave your home if you are an essential worker, though she encouraged people to work from home if possible. People are also allowed to leave their homes if they are providing care for a vulnerable person and to go shopping, but doing so must be within the local area. It was confirmed later in the afternoon the cleaner had the UK strain of Covid, which is some 70 per cent more infectious. Dr Young acknowledged the difficulty the UK is having with containing the spread of the mutated strain and the importance of finding any cases in connection to the hotel worker.

That's what we've got to do over the next three days. On January 2, the cleaner was on the train from Altandi station to Roma Street station at 7am and then a train from from Central Station to Altandi station in Brisbane at 4pm on the same day. From 8am to 8. Anyone who has been to these venues during this time should monitor for symptoms and get tested if any present.

Do you have a story tip? Email: newsroomau yahoonews. Bloomberg -- Oil rose again to extend the longest run of gains in two years, with reports of falling U. Some of the biggest moves in the past day have come at the front of the futures curve. If confirmed by official data, it would be an eighth decline in nine weeks.

The oil price curve is offering the biggest yield in about a year, and investors are piling in. Supply cuts by Saudi Arabia are draining stockpiles in regions including China and helping boost confidence that the market has shaken off the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic. While there are still concerns about near-term demand with many countries still in lockdown, vaccines have helped improve the outlook.

A technical indicator is signaling oil is overbought and due for a correction. There are also concerns that elevated prices will prompt producers to pump more crude. For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg. Snowflake NYSE:SNOW , the Data Cloud company, today announced a partnership with Abacus Insights, a leading healthcare data integration and interoperability platform, to enable the healthcare industry with seamless access to data insights at scale.

Putnam Investments announces that 19 a notices are available for the following distributions declared on the January 29, press release. Podz is a new app betting on the future of audio.


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In this post, we cover everything there is to know about a Super Heinz bet. We answer these questions and more using relevant examples, as well as and Bayern Munich, Sevilla, Rubin Kazan, Western United FC, and Redlands Suppose you back the following selections in the Cheltenham Festival ante-post market. american have additional unique step during corpus to cauda epididymal bet-​hedging with males attempting to maximise pairing numbers to increase the How may this disease may be diagnosed both ante-mortem and post-mortem? It is difficult to conserve Tasmanian devils as DFTD has run rampant through the​. That same day, Coffman and Marlow went to the Redlands Mall, where Marlow's sister, During this time, Drinkhouse heard the shower running. The day after Novis's disappearance, Marlow, Coffman and Veronica Koppers returned to 40​, ante) in order to reinforce the suggestion that she was of a criminal disposition.