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Betting correlated parlays sports bets are one of the most profitable products sportsbooks can offer their customers. When bettors place a straight bet, the theoretical hold for the house is 4. On parlay bets, this profit margin is effectively multiplied by the number of bets, or legs, included in the parlay. A parlay is considered correlated when the outcome of one of the bets in the parlay would have considerable influence on the outcome of another bet in the parlay. Combining these bets is such an obvious winning strategy that no sportsbook will allow you to place them. For USC to cover the

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Online betting horse racing legal

Remember, dog and horse racing are parimutuel activities. That means the payout odds are determined by the amount of money wagered on each horse. After a horse is declared the winner, the pool is split among all people who backed that horse. To recap: the morning line odds are an estimated of what the oddsmaker thinks will happen that day based on the relative strengths of each horse and anticipated wagering activity.

Actual odds are what you actually get paid after all the wagers have been taken in. The upside to parimutuel wagering is that it does not put you in direct competition against a highly-skilled oddsmaker. The sportsbook does not care who wins any given race because it receives its commission regardless of the outcome. The downside is that you never really know for sure what the final odds will be until after the race begins.

The basic idea of parimutuel wagering is that patrons bet with one another rather than against the house. To put it simply, all wagers taken on a particular race are pooled together, the house takes a cut of the pool as commission and the rest is paid back out to the winning bettors. Note that this is a very simplified example, but it depicts the concept in action. Now, imagine Horse B wins the race. Not all horse betting sites serve the exact same list of states. The licensing requirements vary from state to state, and not all racebooks have chosen to acquire licenses in the exact same set of states.

The easiest way to see which ADW betting sites operate where you live is to see our state pages here. Each state page provides an up-to-date list of sites that are licensed in that state. Alternatively, you can always just try signing up at one of the major horse racing betting apps. In other words, ADW requires you to pay for your bet at the time it is placed as opposed to being able to wager on credit with a shop that settles accounts at the end of the month.

All horse racing betting sites and most phone betting operations are operated in the ADW format. You might be able to deposit with a credit card at a betting site, but the site itself will not lend you credit. Not exactly. Florida voters approved Amendment 13 in the midterm elections to outlaw exactly two activities:. Florida residents may still bet on greyhound races held in other states through online betting sites. Greyhound racing is definitely an industry in decline, but Floridians do still have the ability to bet on greyound races held in other states.

Major horse racing events draw impressive crowds to this day, but the sport as a whole has experienced a slow, steady decline over the past couple of decades. Betting handle is down significantly since the s and many live horse racing tracks are suffering financially. One can point to a variety of reasons for the decline. Today, you can get the general public to tune in to the Kentucky Derby, but other races tend to be the realm of serious horse racing fans.

Racetracks first looked into adding other gambling games to their premises as a way to bump up revenues. We can see this with state legislatures opening to the idea of racinos and slot machines. The tracks that have managed to add slots have benefitted greatly from the new income. Likewise, tracks are depending more and more on off-track betting and advance deposit wagering — specifically internet betting.

The horse racing industry still holds considerable clout in politics, and that is probably one reason why horse racing gambling received a carve-out from the UIGEA in Online betting benefits the tracks directly, and it gives smaller tracks access to a much wider audience. This additional betting handle is a huge benefit to the industry, but we still have a long way to go before we see horse racing reach its glory days of years past. There are still concerns about PEDs, inhumane horse treatment, risks to racehorses and life for horses after racing.

Combine that with unique marketing strategies, such as what Churchill Downs has accomplished over the past few years, and there are bright spots in the future. Mobile racebooks accept a variety of deposit methods that are easy to use. Population options include credit and debit cards, PayPal, online bank transfers, and cash at the track. Read more about depositing on our guide to betting deposits. Virtual horse racing betting is a form of gambling in which players bet on the outcomes of simulated horse races.

The experience is similar to traditional parimutuel wagering, but virtual races occur every few minutes to provide fast-paced action around the clock. Read more: Virtual horse racing betting. Skip to content. Review Play Now. Table Of Contents. Racebook Reviews. Claim Bonus. Online Racing. Alabama has two greyhound racetracks and no active horse racing tracks. California has five racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Colorado has one racetrack and state residents may bet online at: www.

Delaware has three racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Florida is home to numerous horse and greyhound racetracks. Idaho has two racetracks and several fairgrounds that hold races on occasion. Indiana has four racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Kansas no longer has any active racetracks but state residents may bet online at: www. Kentucky has six racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www.

Maine has two racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Michigan has one racetrack and residents may bet online at: www. Minnesota is home to two racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Nebraska is home to six racetracks but state residents are prohibited from betting online. All wagers must be placed in person. Nebraska Betting Law. New Hampshire no longer has any active racetracks but state residents may bet online at: www.

New Mexico has six active racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. New York is home to numerous horse racing tracks and state residents may bet online at: www. North Dakota has two racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www.

Ohio is home to eight racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Oklahoma is home to four racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Oregon has one active racetrack and state residents may bet online at: www. Pennsylvania has three thoroughbred racetracks and residents may bet online at: www.

Rhode Island hosts live harness racing at Plainridge Park Casino and state residents may bet online at: www. South Dakota conducts horse racing on select days every year at two fairgrounds. Tennessee does not have any active racetracks but state residents may bet online at: www. West Virginia is home to two horse racing tracks and two greyhound racing tracks.

Wisconsin no longer has any active horse or greyhound racetracks. Wyoming has three racetracks that hold races on select days every year. Illinois is home to three active thoroughbred tracks and one harness track. Alaska does not have any active racetracks and online betting is not allowed. Alaska Betting Law.

Georgia does not have any racetracks and parimutuel wagering is outlawed. Georgia Betting Law. There are no racetracks in Hawaii and state law forbids racing betting. Hawaii Betting Law. Maryland is home to four thoroughbred racetracks and two harness racing tracks. Massachusetts has one thoroughbred racetrack and one harness racing track. Mississippi does not have any active horse racing tracks and online betting is prohibited. Mississippi Betting Law. Nevada does not have any active racetracks at this time and online racing betting is prohibited.

Nevada Betting Law. North Carolina does not have any dedicated horse racing tracks and parimutuel wagering is outlawed. North Carolina Betting Law. South Carolina does not have much of a horse racing industry aside from the annual Carolina Cup and Colonial Cup held at Springdale Racecourse. South Carolina Betting Law. Utah has a couple of minor racetracks that hold races only a few days a year.

Utah Racing Law. Colonial Downs is the only racetrack in Virginia and state residents may bet online at: www. Arizona has a couple of horse racing tracks but does not permit online betting. Arizona Betting Law. Iowa is home to one horse racing track and one greyhound racetrack.

Louisiana has four racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Montana is home to two active horse racing tracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Washington has two horse racing tracks and 13 OTB locations. Missouri does not have any racetracks and online betting is prohibited. Missouri Betting Law. Vermont no longer has any horse racing tracks. Arkansas has one racetrack and state residents may bet online at: www. Connecticut does not have any active racetracks but residents may bet online at: www.

Texas has several horse and greyhound tracks but online betting is not permitted. Texas Betting Law. Alabama law does not specifically address online racing betting, but multiple ADWs offer their services to residents. Alabama Horse Racing. Alaska Horse Racing. Arizona Horse Racing.

Arkansas Horse Racing. California Horse Racing. Colorado Horse Racing. Connecticut Horse Racing. Delaware Horse Racing. Florida Horse Racing. Georgia Horse Racing. Hawaii Horse Racing. Idaho Horse Racing. Illinois Horse Racing. Indiana Horse Racing.

Iowa Horse Racing. Kansas Horse Racing. Kentucky Horse Racing. Louisiana Horse Racing. Maine Horse Racing. Maryland Horse Racing. Massachusetts Horse Racing. Michigan Horse Racing. Minnesota Horse Racing. Mississippi Horse Racing. Horse Racing. Montana Horse Racing. Nebraska Horse Racing. Nevada Horse Racing. New Hampshire. New Hampshire Horse Racing. New Jersey. New Jersey Horse Racing. New Mexico.

New Mexico Horse Racing. New York. New York Horse Racing. North Carolina. North Carolina Horse Racing. North Dakota. Ohio Horse Racing. Oklahoma Horse Racing. Oregon Horse Racing. Pennsylvania Horse Racing. Rhode Island. Rhode Island Horse Racing. South Carolina. South Carolina Horse Racing. South Dakota. South Dakota Horse Racing. Tennessee Horse Racing.

Texas Horse Racing. Utah Horse Racing. Vermont Horse Racing. Virginia Horse Racing. Washington Horse Racing. West Virginia. West Virginia Horse Racing. Wisconsin Horse Racing. Wyoming Horse Racing. Straight Bets. Win : This is a bet on a single horse to take 1 st place Place : A bet on a single horse to take either 1 st or 2 nd place Show : A bet on a single place to take 1 st , 2 nd or 3 rd place.

Across the Board Bets. The end result is a combination of bets that pays for a horse that finishes anywhere in the top three: If the horse finishes in first place: The win bet, place bet, and show bet all pay If the horse finishes in second place: The win bet and place bet pay If the horse finishes in third place: The place bet pays In summary, an across the board bet provides a handsome payout if the selected horse finishes in first place but provides consolation prizes if the horse finishes second or third.

Exotic Bets. Exacta : A bet on two horses to take 1 st and 2 nd place. Boxing and Wheeling Bets. Quinella Box : You pick three horses and you will win if any two of those horses finish in 1 st and 2 nd place. A quinella box on horses 3, 4 and 5 would cover all possible outcomes: , , , , and Keying Horses.

Trifecta Key. Create and Fund Your Betting Account. Place Your Bets. What is the minimum age to bet on races online? What is the difference between the morning line and the actual odds? How does parimutuel wagering work? MyBookie is one of the premier online international sportsbooks available in the current market and that quality only extends to their racebook and horse racing betting offers. Signing up at MyBookie takes just a few minutes, as the site will have you fill out some basic information.

After that, it will be time to fund your racebook bankroll. From there, you are ready to bet on all the best horse racing from around the world. Visit MyBookie. Yes, there are currently two states that are flirting with legalizing horse racing betting.

The prognosis for future legal horse racing betting in these states — even if there will be no live horse racing available — looks pretty good, as each bill seems to have strong bipartisan support. No other states that ban horse racing are currently looking at legalizing the practice.

However, as a general rule, states frequently try to pass horse betting legislation, as the laws around horse racing wagering often dictate the other gambling laws in the area. This is especially true now that sports wagering has been federally decriminalized with the overturn of PASPA. Many state legislators, in trying to present strategies to legalize sports betting, often attach their new bills to modified horse betting laws. Just as many states seem to be assigning sports wagering to state lottery oversight, other states appear to want their horse racing commissions to control this new amusement.

As such, horse betting laws are in a constant state of flux or potential flux. Additionally, as the popularity of online and mobile horse betting itself increases independently of sports wagering, we expect more states to start introducing Internet-based legislation. There is also the situation in Kansas to consider.

In the case of Kansas specifically, while horse racing has been shuttered in the state for years, there are current attempts to reopen the venues for sports wagering, despite no plans to actually bring the ponies back. Online horse racing books with Kentucky Derby odds will show plenty of value as the field is very large because qualification is not complete.

Not all of these horses will be in the Derby, which is why this is such a good time to wager on them. By the time the field is set, the favorites will be much harder to get good odds on. Getting in early can really help boost the bankroll of those betting on the Kentucky Derby.

The horse odds are not set by a bookmaker and are completely reliant upon how the public bets. The more bets that are placed, the larger the prize pool will be. A racetrack will provide a morning line based upon how they predict the public will wager, but these are merely estimations rather than real odds that you will wager on. The horse track makes a certain commission off of each horse wager that is placed, while the remaining amount of the prize pool is distributed amongst the winners.

With pari-mutuel betting, the more common the bet, the smaller the payout will be for the winning wager. This is because the prize pool will be divided between a greater number of winners. Placing more complex and less common bets will yield a larger payout as the prize is split between fewer people. For example, there are going to be many more winners among the crowd who picked a favored horse to Win than there will be winners of a trifecta bet involving the exact finishing order of the top three horses.

Further, all bet types account for a proportional portion of the total prize pool, so whenever you win, the money comes only from other bettors wagering on the same bet type. Using the example above, if you pick a pony to Win, and it does, the prize money comes only from those who made single Win bets and is further split between all winners.

If you hit on a trifecta, the prize money comes from all those who placed trifecta wagers. The allure of the trifecta will attract many wagers, but a comparatively small number of people will actually win. All states with legal horse betting use this exact system to determine winners and payouts. If you happen to live in a state that does not have land-based horse betting, you still have other options for betting on the ponies.

Online racebooks — operated from overseas and completely outside of state and US legal jurisdictions — deliver horse races from more than tracks across the nation right to your computer screen. You can place the same wagers that you would at the betting counter at Churchill Downs! When you bet on horses online, you also get daily or weekly horse bet rebates on every wager placed. Mobile racebooks are even more convenient, bringing all the same odds, horse racetracks, bonuses, and more to the palm of your hand.

These racebooks offer pari-mutuel wagering, but as they are not bound by US restrictions, they can also offer house odds on horse races, as well as futures and other special wager types, expanding your choices dramatically when compared against land-based horse tracks. There are not many states that have banned online horse racing, but there are certain states that have not legalized interstate horse wagering.

Though the Interstate Horseracing Act IHA, legalizes the act of accepting horse wagers on a race occurring in another state, it is up to each state to decide if the activity is permitted. Some states only allow residents to wager on horses at tracks and off-track betting locations within the home state. Even if you reside in one of these states, with the widespread acceptance of horse racing betting, there have never been any instances where a resident was penalized for using an online, offshore racebook.

Here are the states that have yet to authorize interstate horse wagering:. Note: Washington, DC, while not a state, has its own horse racing laws. Currently, there are no horse racing tracks in DC, nor are there any simulcasting or OTB venues, and horse racing betting itself is illegal. Unlike other types of betting, there are numerous states with legal online horse betting. All of the federal gambling laws specifically exclude horse racing betting because it involves pari-mutuel style wagering.

For this reason, nearly every state that has legal horse betting also permits residents to bet the horses online. However, interstate horse racing betting is legal over the Internet. Yes, online racebooks are licensed and regulated either in the US or at an offshore location. That said, the online horse racing sites are able to accept more US bettors and provide better horse racing odds, bonuses, and rebates than the typical US-based online racebook can. You will find that many operators have been in business for nearly three decades or more.

When you join a legitimate horse betting site, you are in good hands. In , both Georgia and South Carolina Legislatures passed legislation that would legalize betting on horse racing. No other states that ban horse racing are currently facing any significant push to legalize it. This is especially true now that sports wagering has been federally decriminalized with the repealing of PASPA.

Yes, betting on horses online is a completely safe option when it comes to pari-mutuel wagering. You just have to make sure that you are using a reputable racebook before joining. There certain domestic websites such as TVG and Twin Spires to do the trick, but online offshore racebooks like MyBookie and Bovada are also safe and reliable options as well. Yes, you can bet on horses and races happening in any state. Most of the states with legal horse betting also offer simulcast wagering with different tracks around the nation.

No matter where you are physically, you have access to more than Thoroughbred and harness racetracks whenever you use an offshore racebook. Online racebooks have the same wager types that you would find at your local track. You can choose from Win, Place, or Show bets if you want to place straight wagers. Some of the exotic horse bets available include exactas, trifectas, superfectas, daily doubles, pick 3s, pick 6s, and much more. That said, the odds are also formulated from a different pool than the ones at your local track, which means that the odds online will often be different for each horse compared to their published odds at their actual racetracks.

Otherwise, the odds work exactly the same way, based on the pari-mutuel system though house-banked odds types are also available at offshore racebooks. You can have multiple online racebook accounts across different horse racing betting sites. You may find that one racebook has a wider variety of tracks, better bonuses, or higher rebates. In fact, we — along with other pro handicappers — recommend utilizing more than one account for shopping lines. Proper bankroll management is key when switching between online racebooks.

That said, having more than one account at the same site is not permitted under any circumstances, and attempting to do this will result in permanent account suspension and full funds confiscation. There are not any states that have specifically banned mobile horse betting, after all.

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Not all states do, and the list of states that allow online horse bet racing changes constantly. My point is that each state is different, and the laws are always being tweaked. These sites are licensed by gaming commissions in one of the 50 states. Here are the nine states where there seems to be consensus that online horse race betting is prohibited:. Now here are the states where it appears that internet horse race betting is legal and where licensed sites, based in the United States , are currently accepting players.

Offshore sites are simply racebooks that are located outside of US jurisdiction where America has no legal influence. Both of these avenues are legitimate, though you will get more bang for your buck or oof for your hoof! If you use an online racebook from a reputable offshore operator like those listed here, not only is the service a legitimate one, but it's also much more robust. Offshore books set their odds and lines based largely on the current odds at the tracks for the races on offer.

However, since they have many more bettors in general than an average racetrack, that line will move, and the pool-based payouts are going to be different than at land-based tracks by the time the betting is closed and the gates are open. That said, despite operating on a different and larger pool of wagers, the wagering itself — and the straights and exotics available to choose from — are identical to what you'd find locally.

An added benefit of offshore sites is that they also have futures on the biggest races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes , as well as Triple Crown winner futures and other props that US-based race betting operators can't offer. Horse racing betting has a storied legacy in the United States, and while it hasn't always been legal, pari-mutuel wagering was first legalized in America in Most state lawbooks actually consider this type of betting to be different from traditional gambling or sports wagering, because as its name implies, it is pool-based.

That's what pari-mutuel means: "mutual betting. Casinos and sportsbooks employ house-banked gambling, whereas pari-mutuel betting as used in horse racing, greyhound racing, and jai alai does not have any entity acting as a bank or lender. Players are paid out according to the amount of money in the pool after the racebook takes its cut, and all payouts are split equally according to the final odds at the start of the race.

This is the legal distinction that has allowed horse betting to remain legal even while sports betting was banned for much of the 20th century in the US. Also, as the chief sport for the aristocracy since America's founding, the pastime's dignified reputation allowed it to maintain a more respected status among lawmakers in general. A domestic racetrack operates most days of the week during the racing season, and there are generally two seasons per year.

Horse racing is mostly year-round. Each racing day, you can find races at any given track, and thanks to interstate horse racing, that really adds up. Horse bettors rarely have much downtime if they access to domestic online racebooks. However, offshore racebooks offer all these races plus full daily racing slates from tracks in multiple other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Japan, England, Ireland, and even various Middle Eastern nations.

Additionally, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and other popular races like the Pegasus Cup and Breeder's Cup can all be found at reputable racebooks online such as the ones listed above. When you use an offshore betting site to play the ponies, you can basically play all day, every day, year-round. Since horse racing is exempt from most gambling laws, you may think that online racing is the largest American legal gambling industry right now.

However, betting on racing is actually on the decline and has been since the s. This decline can be attributed to many things, but the number one reason is that there are so many other betting options now that better suit the younger generations. Then, of course, there are other gambling options like poker, casino games, bingo, and more. Adding it all up, horse racing becomes a niche sport, and that niche has actually grown smaller, not larger, since becoming accessible online. That is starting to change finally, however.

What has been getting more people over to racebooks recently has been a two-punch combo. For starters, quality offshore betting sites offer so many other gaming options to entice players in other markets like sports bettors or blackjack players to test the horse racing waters. Secondly, with legalized sports betting taking root in dozens of states, more people are becoming familiar with wagering in general, and they're starting to take interest in the ponies again.

But most states don't offer online casinos, so for gamblers who want to play the slots, hit the felts, and bet on the horses, offshore is the best, most comprehensive solution. One of the betting markets gaining popularity quickly — particularly due to various races being rescheduled or canceled due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic — is legal virtual horse racing.

All the most reputable betting sites in the industry offer virtual sports betting, and simulated horse racing has long been a core part of that. While the betting structures are the same straights, exotics, etc. Instead, this market uses certified and audited random number generation RNG technology to present "fictional" horse races that gamblers can wager on.

Races are run every few minutes, and at the close of betting, you can actually view entire videos of the simulations. As there is no history to draw from for virtual horse racing, it cannot be handicapped in the traditional sense, and the only clue you have to the strength of each horse is in the odds themselves. Still, for fans of video poker, slots, and other RNG casino games, virtual horse racing is an easy way to learn about the sport and makes it a breeze to transition to live horse racing betting.

While horse betting is legal in the following states, even if you don't reside in one of those states you can still legally bet with an offshore site as long as it's licensed in a jurisdiction that offers legalized gambling. The gambling laws in America don't actually make the act of betting illegal, they merely make it illegal for domestic operators to accept wagers. In other words, placing a bet with your local unlicensed bookie isn't illegal, but that bookie is breaking the law to accept it.

Check out our legal gambling states in the U. Horse racing is the Sport of Kings for a reason and thought it started at least as far back as BC, its charm and intrigue persist to this day. In the US, while horse racing was organized as early when the first track was built in Long Island, the sport as we know it today started only after the Civil War upon the development of the American Stud Book. The book is now owned by The Jockey Club, which continues to compile a complete bloodline lineage of every Thoroughbred racehorse in American competitive history.

He didn't win the Triple Crown, as his owner held him out of the Kentucky Derby. However, the reason Man o' War gets the nod over Triple Crown champion and record-holder Secretariat Blood-Horse's number-two horse of all time is simply due to the fact that as a stud, Man o' War is the direct ancestor of so many champions of the s and s. Today, with the sport finally experiencing an upswing thanks to legalized sports betting and expanded gambling in the US though there are ironically still no racetracks in Nevada, the gambling capitol of the world , we are looking forward to a historic revival.

The purses for major races are bigger than ever, and betting interest is growing. If you want to play the ponies, now is the best time to learn about the world's oldest sport. Online horse racing betting is also largely legal in the US, as it is governed by a different set of rules than traditional gambling or sports wagering.

Domestic operators are also not restricted by the Federal Wire Act, and they are able to combine their betting pools across multiple states much like the Powerball lottery system. However, some states still don't have horse racing or online betting, which is why offshore sportsbooks all offer comprehensive international racebooks.

While there is nuance to the horseplaying hobby, it is straightforward enough for beginners and deep enough for veterans. Online access to horse racing betting at offshore sites has opened the entire world to American bettors, and though wagering over the Internet can never replace sitting on Millionaire's Row at the Kentucky Derby while sipping mint juleps and flailing your fancy hat, it is a great way to stay connected to the pastime and make real money enjoying the world's greatest athletes.

Horse betting is not the only exciting sport to bet on. Learn how wide the scope really is when it comes to legal online sports betting. And for some non-sports related online gambling action, the following markets are also available at all the best online racebook sites:.

Home Horse Betting. Bovada Racebook. Cons They only accept U. Most Popular Horse Races To Bet On Every country that embraces legal horse racing has popular races that turn a big betting handle, but the United States remains the gold standard for the Sport of Kings. Types of Horse Racing Bets There are only two basic categories of horse racing wagers: straights and exotics.

The most common types are listed below: Exacta — Pick the 1st and 2nd place winners of a single race in order Trifecta — Pick the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of a single race in order Superfecta — Pick the 1st, 2nd, 4rd, and 4th place winners of a single race in order Quinella — Pick two horses to take 1st and 2nd in no particular order Daily Double — Pick the correct winners of two races Pick 3 — Pick the correct winners of three races Pick 4 — Pick the correct winners of four races Pick 6 — Pick the correct winners of six races 3: The Boxing Bet Boxing is simply a horse racing betting strategy where you place your chosen ponies in a "box" and bet on all the various outcomes of a given exotic bet when you're not confident about the order in which the horses will finish.